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3 Tips For Taking Your Pets On Holiday With You

The one downside of going away on holiday is leaving your pets at home. You spend so much time worrying about them and trying to find family or friends or a suitable kennel to take care of them can be difficult. If you have the option for your pets to come away with you, why wouldn’t you bring them along?

Traveling with your pets can be a lot of fun and a way to make you feel more comfortable and at home during your stay. There are three crucial things to keep in mind and know when taking your pets on holiday with you.


1.    Ensure your pet is ready to travel

Travelling can be draining for us and it can also be hard on your pets. When taking your pet on holiday it’s a good idea is to take them to the vet first. Taking the time to ensure your pet is in good condition to travel safely is a must; not only to provide you with peace of mind but also to ensure you all have an enjoyable holiday.

If you haven’t already, have your pet microchipped.This ensures that if your pet gets lost while you are away, you can be contacted quickly and easily.  Ensure that the information on your pet’s microchip is accurate and up to date.

Another thing that is essential for keeping your pet safe is ensuring that they are up to date on all treatments and vaccines. If you are flying, having your pets up to date on vaccines will be necessary for quarantine at the airport and will help keep your pet healthy and happy while away.

Having an ID tag on your dog is also a great idea in case any issues arise when you are out. The ID should contain your pet’s name along with your name and contact number.


2.    Prepare for your method of transport

Whether you are flying, driving, or catching a train or ferry, it is important that your pet is safe while travelling and you understand the requirements of each method.

Airlines have their own safety and travel requirements, so if you are planning on flying make sure to check your airline’s specific requirements, fees, and policies. These requirements are dependent on the breed of your pet along with the distance you are travelling.

Regulations include the health, weight, and size of your pet; airlines do not normally allow pets who to weigh more than 65kg (including their crate) to fly. Airlines do not recommend travel if your pet is unhealthy, injured, or very young.

If you are driving, don’t forget your pet’s safety in the car. There are dog harnesses for car rides as well as clip in gates that protect your pets and allow you to drive safely without distractions.

Don’t forget to plan toilet stops and food breaks for your furry friend. Your pets, especially if they are naturally energetic, might struggle with being confined in a car for multiple hours. Plan stops at parks to allow your pet to run around and enjoy some fresh air. This will help to prevent any accidents happening in your car.


3.    Make sure your accommodation is pet-friendly

Before you even set out on your holiday, ensure your planned accommodation allows pets.  Pet-friendly accommodation is available all over the world and is suitable for most family pets. Accommodation that is pet-friendly can still have rules and regulations, depending on your pet.  Certain sizes may not permitted due to the size of the accommodation’s facilities. Particular breeds may not permitted if their nature is naturally aggressive or tends to be violent with children or other animals.

With these regulations, it is important you get all the information you need before you book your accommodation. The easiest way to avoid any added hassle is to call and speak to bookings staff to check that your pet is suitable and that you fully understand their requirements and conditions.

You may also be required to pay a higher deposit if you are taking your pet with you, so don’t forget to incorporate this into your budget.

Not all pet-friendly accommodation will have all the necessary facilities. For example, some accommodation will require you to bring your own pet bedding, so it is essential you do your research when selecting accommodation and preparing for your holiday.


Taking your pet on holiday with you can make your trip even more special and memorable. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable holiday with no delays or inconveniences it’s essential you fully research your trip and understand your pet’s needs.

Enquire into your accommodation’s facilities and regulations on pets, i.e. if you need to provide your own pet beds, etc., or if they are included in the accommodation.  Before leaving make sure your pet is healthy and ready to travel.

At Budget Apartments, we pride ourselves on accommodating families of all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about how we can accommodate you and your pet during your stay in Perth.

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