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Budget Eating & Accommodation in Perth

When you’re holidaying in Western Australia, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of only eating takeout or dining at restaurants.

Pricey meals, a lack of healthy options, and strict budgets can make eating out all the time less appealing.

In many cultures, the food is just as important as the language and traditions, so it shouldn’t be avoided. There are plenty of ways to eat well on a budget, here are a few tips to start:

Shop local

Travel is often associated with eating out, but you can taste the local food and save money by buying food from the grocery store.

Grocery stores in Perth are easily accessible and if you want to save, shop as you would normally at home. Remember that non-local food is often more expensive than the local produce.

Space is something you’ll find a lot of in Perth, so expect large stores and a wide variety of foods compared to European or Asian groceries.

Find lodging with a kitchen

group accommodation

Buying food is great, but cooking your own meals is even better.

Budget Apartments can set you up with a fully equipped kitchen to save money and provide nutrient-rich, home cooked meals for yourself or your children.

Staying somewhere with easy access to a kitchen gives you the ability to make your own meals, which can save you hundreds on a trip.

Cooking is one of the best ways to keep your travel costs down, and grocery stores are great places to go to see what the local people eat.

Buy enough ingredients to make a couple of meals in your hotel apartment. Although it takes more planning than heading out to eat; the cost savings are worth the effort.

Pack your meals

A travel-friendly meal is something that’s easy to carry, isn’t delicate to store or eat and can stand in for a full meal.

Although it’s a great money saver, it’s not always realistic to pack a complete set of snacks and meals for a trip. If you do decide to spend money on food as you travel, try to make it a full, satisfying meal, as one pieced together from snacks will not do the trick.

Invest in a reusable water bottle

Water isn’t in the food category, but it’s a constant expense that can blow your budget when travelling. Continually buying bottles of water at airports and stores will add up during a trip.

Carry a refillable bottle of water with a filter and fill it up at drinking fountains or cafes around Perth, which are usually kind enough to do so if you ask.

Find the best deals

Fremantle Markets Fresh Produce

Tourist traps are often more expensive, so ask locals for best and most affordable places for a meal. Or check out our list of the Top 5 Cheap Places to Eat in Perth, the small local places will likely give you greater value compared to big chain restaurants.

Don’t just replicate your diet from home, imitate the local eating style and eat the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Buffets offer great value for your money, especially since they are all-you-can-eat. Street food markets/vendors are wonderful places to get a cheap and quick meal for fair prices.

Prefer to eat or shop at markets? Check out City of Perth Markets & Weekend Markets.

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