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Apartment vs Hotel: Choosing Accommodation

Choosing whether to stay in a hotel or an apartment is one of the biggest decisions you can make for any travel. Each type of accommodation has its own benefits, and it depends upon your travel style, budget and where you want to be located in Perth.

A hotel is a commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other services. While hospitality is still a huge industry, more travellers are looking for more comfortable accommodation to stay in when they are away from home for business or holiday.




An apartment will ideally have an empty fridge for you to store food and ingredients and a minimally supplied kitchen.

If you are looking to travel on the cheap, make the most of your budget by preparing your own meals for breakfast and lunch. It can be near impossible to find cheap places to eat near popular tourist spots on the fly.

A hotel room will have a fridge filled with expensive drinks and no facilities for cooking, but there’s room service and what’s more exciting than having meals delivered to the room?This mitigates the extra effort involved in settling into an apartment such as buying groceries and cooking, and the convenience will cost you.



Hotel rooms often fail to provide rooms to house a family with two or more children. This can double the cost of your accommodation if you have to book two rooms instead of one.

The significant difference in prices comes when you consider the length of stay. If you stay in a temporary location for a few nights or weeks, the price of a hotel’s stay can quickly add up. Apartments come with flexible price ranges, and they too will depend on the length of your stay, but there are often large discounts for extended stays.


Settling in

living room

Apartments are best for three days or more. Getting settled into an apartment is more difficult than a hotel due to small activities such as arranging key pickup, buying groceries, and carrying suitcases up flights of stairs (Budget Apartments offers multiple self-serving ground floor access units and apartments). Many apartments require minimum stays, and you can sometimes negotiate better deals if you plan on renting for longer.

An apartment manager will offer some basic assistance, but guests shouldn’t expect them to provide all the services of a hotel reception. If you insist on having your sheets changed daily, stay in a hotel.

Privacy, however, is one of the greatest benefits of self-contained apartments, especially for business travellers or families with babies/toddlers. The noise may disrupt children’s sleeping patterns, and there is a significant difference between inviting a business colleague to the dining area of an apartment and into a hotel room.



Staying in a hotel can be a great adventure for children, sharing a room with Mum and Dad can be exciting as well as the fascination factor of pools, swipe cards, buffet breakfasts, and movies on demand.

Some apartments have amenities such as a washer and dryer which will be absent in hotel rooms and the absence of such facilities mean paying for cleaning services.

Whether you are travelling to Western Australia for business or pleasure, we are proud to offer clean, comfortable, and cost-effective accommodation options close to Perth’s central business district.

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